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2009 – City of Surprise AZ Senior Center, Quilt of Life, Detail

2009 – City of Surprise AZ Senior Center, Quilt of Life
    The message of this mural was “Community” – how many individual lives are woven into one community, which joins with another community, and so on. Many of the quilt’s beautifully patterned squares were tiles made by members and staff of the Senior Center with guidance and assistance from the artists. Covering a full wall of the Senior Center Community room, the mural took about 8 weeks to complete.

2007 – Placas de Artistas II, Corrientes, Argentina
    As with Placas de Artistas I, this project was also generated by Cristina del Castillo (see 2005). Gilmore’s tiles were again placed in the main monument located on the Plaza Independencia, Paso de los Libres, as well as on a smaller monument in the city itself.

2007 – City of Surprise AZ Senior Center, The Heritage Tree newspaper article

2006 – Scottsdale in Jell-O, Transitory Public Art Project, Scottsdale AZ
    Who hasn’t wanted to see their city recreated in a colorful but temporary medium … let’s say Jell-o®. The thrust of this event, led by Liz Hickok who is famous for this medium, was to present the viewer’s very own city to them in a very different & transitory way, based on the speed with which the city was changing & growing. Each tiny building and blade of grass took a tremendous amount of skill, craftsmanship, and focus, along with tiny and unusual tools.

2005 – Placas de Artistas I, Corrientes, Argentina
    This project was generated by Cristina del Castillo with an intent to revalue ceramics and to support the idea of the value of countries working together. Several murals were installed in different public places. Gilmore’s tiles were positioned in the main monument in Paso de los Libres, as well as in a smaller monument in the downtown district.

2004 – Desert Botanical Garden Mural, Phoenix AZ
    With the intent of offering inspiration to those who attend classes at the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ, this mosaic was built in sections and then permanently installed onto a curved (!) wall situated in a courtyard outside the classrooms in the Education Center. The challenges were many, the successful completion sublime.

Public Art Gallery

2011 – Community for All Ages, AZ, mural dedication invitation

2010-11 – Community for All Ages mural, AZ
    This 30’ plus wall mural is a accomplishment of many hands. It was designed by a small committee, of which this artist was a member, to celebrate the creation of a community garden. Guided and assisted by WHAM, a local art organization, residents created the tiles. The mural is located on the Benevilla Campus in Surprise AZ, where it overlooks the gardens and residents can enjoy it while they grow their own vegetables and plants.

2008 – Northwestern Regional Library mural, Maricopa County AZ
    This artist was most active in the design phase of this public work. Over 20 feet long, the mural is composed of individually crafted multi-media pieces representing the history and growth of the Northwest section of the Valley of the Sun. It tells its story with objects from basketry to sports to agriculture (including the wonderful crops of flowers still grown there). Led by Niki Glen, a local muralist, many artistic hands helped to create this bas relief mural.

2007 – Placas de Artistas II, Artist Certification

2007 – City of Surprise AZ Senior Center, The Heritage Tree
    The goal of the Heritage Tree project was designed to capture the many faces and backgrounds of members of the Senior Center. Tiles in the mosaic were made by members under the guidance and direction of the three Artists. Each tile was personalized to capture the essence of the heritage of the member who helped make it. The mural took about 7 weeks to complete, and is installed in the lobby of the Surprise AZ Senior Center.

2006 – Scottsdale in Jell-O, HC Sculpting Jell-O Grass

In addition to creating her individual works, Gilmore is a firm believer in the impact and strength of Public Art. To that end, she has actively participated in and contributed to numerous collaborative public artworks on permanent display in both North and South America.

Below are a few selected works, listed in chronological order.  

2009 – City of Surprise AZ Senior Center, Quilt of Life newspaper article